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Dec 2, 2013 3:00am PST
but not technological. if the faa allows the flights to happen so the deliveries can happen. >> nuts. privacy concerns about the drones with cameras flying over people's homes. >> you know, there it is. >> no matter how much the service would cost. i imagine when with i was hearing about the story, they would drop the package on a little parachute like a cartoon. that landed smoothly and left it there. [ helicopter whirring ] >> do you hear something? >> i do, as a matter of fact. >> here's my biggest worry. usually when they deliver something and you call up and say, it hasn't come yet, there's a human that wrote something down, delivered it. saw somebody pick it up. the drone drops the package from the air -- >> they probably have surveillance, tiny camera with tape and they will say yeah, it was delivered. and this is your neighbor stealing it. i think we're years away from that, i think you're right. >>> quite a scene in the country's biggest mall. a guy getting in trouble for throwing away his money. >>> a similar story from a guy who calls himself green santa. he wants his fortune to be yours. y
Dec 2, 2013 2:30am EST
to say. >> can i go on a tangent here. the new technology that most men fear has made life ease ezier for men. when it first came out, they were like texting, i don't want to talk to anyone ever again. i'm all about texting and then on-line shopping, i'm a traditional. i don't want to do traditional shopping anymore. >> what about the drones. >> i would be creeped about the idea of drones flying overhead. >> never have to worry about picking up something. >> i will probably go from a critic to the biggest fan. >> if it works. >> if it works. >> usually the way it is with men if it works. >> if it works and is easy we love it. >>> untimely death of paul walker tragically killed in a car crash that could have easily been a scene from one of his blockbuster movies. the 40-year-old fast and furious star died with a friend on saturday. even his co-star tyrese gibson stopped by shedding tears as fans looked on. walker was in the middle of filming fast and furious 7 that maybe in limbo since his death. we have more on his career which started when he was just a young boy. >> been a while sin
Dec 4, 2013 1:40am PST
't have been possible a number of years ago. technology and the ability to look for people that are winner and find winners that should be. >> where's the winning ticket now? >> honestly, i don't know. i have looked in my house very thoroughly. it's not there. >> reporter: apparently it doesn't matter. >> i'm extremely confident miss jones is the actual winner. >> she's a lucky lady. she won and they actually honored it. >> they believe her. >> yes. >> they went through the whole thing, the surveillance video, credit card. here's the deal. we can't buy lottery tickets with credit cards in the united states. we have to pay dollars. so there is no way to -- >> check it out. how much did we win? >> $304 million. >> oh. i could do. that i could split that with you. >> i could split that. >> i would be good. >> i will take 150. >> 152 a piece. >> i'm not good with math. you. >> i could split that. >> i would be good. >> i will take 150. >> 152 >>> >>> this morning on "world news now" dangerous freeze. the polar blast blowing from one coast to another. windchi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3